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Ancient craftsmanship of Shui'ao | Silk Road | Flying in Australia

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Inheriting thousands of years of winemaking skills, stepping into the Silk Road, into overseas Australia!

Shui'ao wine adopts the traditional glutinous ingredients, distilled and mixed and burned, and the quality of the wine is selected.


The original storage of multi-grain steamed brewing.
Using five kinds of grains including glutinous rice/rice/wheat/sorghum/corn as raw materials,
The wine is rich in aroma, pure and elegant, mellow and soft.

The Shui'ao zodiac wine cup is made of porcelain for fun, and it is made into a clay pot.
It is not just a simple transaction between us, but more of enjoying the joy brought on the road of life.
We believe that every road has its story, and its story begins at this moment...

Zeng Zuxun
Chinese liquor tasting expert, wine industry master. Advisor of Liquor Committee of China Food Association, professor-level engineer

Hu Yongsong
Liquor taster of China, professor of Sichuan University, consultant of Liquor Committee of China Food Association, Sichuan Science and Technology Advisory Group

Lai dengyi
China Liquor Tasting Master, China's first wine master, wine tasting master, professor-level engineer

Lai dengyi's inscription on the water industry

The chairman and general manager took a group photo with three master class wine tasting masters

Chairman Li Linqi, General Manager Hou Fuqi and the master wine tasting and the judges took a group photo together

Silk Road-Into Australia

Chairman Li Linxi took a group photo with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia and Deputy Leader of the Federal Party of the Liberal Party Julie Bishop when going to Australia

Chairman Li Linqi at the academic exchange meeting in Melbourne on April 8, 2016

General Manager Hou Fuqi went to Henry Janston's house as a guest. He is a former Australian MP and now an honorary citizen of Taishan City. Make outstanding contributions to export trade!