Want to drink special wine on special days? How much do you know about alcohol?


Why did the ancient wine civilization spread and not be annihilated to this day?
China is a country with a traditional liquor civilization. Throughout the 5000 year history of the Chinese nation, liquor has always held an important position in people's lives.
If you think that alcohol is just a simple food and beverage, then your understanding of the civilization of alcohol is too superficial.
Alcohol is not only a special food substance, but also a civilized material carrier that blends into people's spiritual days.
Many customs and activities, such as celebration of achievements, ceremonies, weddings, funerals, farming festivals, birthday banquets, and welcoming guests, cannot be carried out without wine as a foil.
And wine is not just for drinking.
Often, alcohol contains higher meaning. Drinking alcohol is not only a form of emotion and heartfelt communication, but also a spiritual aspiration that people desire.
For example, chrysanthemum wine is to be drunk in Chongyang in September, realgar wine is to be drunk on the fifth day of May, wine is to be drunk on the Mid Autumn Festival in August, and wine is to be drunk on the 15th day of the first lunar month when watching the Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival) Festival Lantern Show all night long. At this time, wine contains different meanings and meanings.
You will find that drinking alcohol with different meanings on different days is not only a tradition, but also a way for people to truly place many hopes, wishes, and prayers in these wines.
Like many parents, in order to improve their children's grades, they often buy some Wenchang wine to drink, which is a kind of wish, hope, and prayer placed in the wine.
Due to the fact that Wenquxing is in charge of the way out for scholars across the country, parents hope that their children can achieve success in their studies and that Emperor Wenchang can bless their children to go further and smoother in their learning journey.
And Wenchang liquor contains this meaning, which has become increasingly popular among us.
For example, when a child is just born in the family, they will specially buy Wenchang wine to drink when celebrating the birth of the child. The banquet of full moon wine is also heavily used to make the main wine of full moon wine.
Children at home are about to start school, and they will use this type of Wenchang liquor when they want to enter junior high school, high school, university, and so on.
This is how people pour their hopes into wine, borrowing the meaning of wine to pray for the fulfillment of their wish to wish their children success in learning.

This is also why the ancient wine civilization can be spread to this day and has not been annihilated, because wine contains too many indescribable things.



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