Why buy Baijiu during the Spring Festival?


Why do Chinese people like Baijiu?
Some people may say: because Baijiu is China's heritage culture, because Baijiu has rich active ingredients, because Baijiu meets the needs of the Chinese interpersonal circle
Yes, the reason why Baijiu can become the first consumer goods of Chinese people during the Spring Festival has an important relationship with its cultural heritage, active ingredients and interpersonal communication.
Because of it, we learned about "drinking and singing";
Because of it, we have experienced the 'Jade Juice',
Because of it, we have a 'drinking and having fun' with friends
Then the question arises again. Why do Chinese people need to buy Baijiu during the Spring Festival?


Baijiu is a confession to relatives
Baijiu is our feelings for our hometown and our confession to our relatives in our hometown.

Chinese people celebrate festivals that emphasize liveliness, reunion, and beauty
In reality, we stay away from our hometown in pursuit of our dreams. Due to busy work schedules, it is difficult to have the opportunity to get along well with our families throughout the year.

Returning home during the Spring Festival is a tacit understanding formed by all of us outsiders, just as the lyrics say, 'There is no strong liquor or greetings from other places'
Baijiu gives us a lot of meaning. It is not only our feelings for our hometown, but also our concern and blessing for our family: we like "bottle bottle safety", we like "taste wine"
At the table, we enjoy drinking and speak freely; At the table, we raise our glasses and toast to express our gratitude and longing for our loved ones.

II. Baijiu is a blessing to friends
Baijiu is a gift and a blessing for our friends.

"Deep friendship makes you feel bored; shallow friendship makes you lick." This familiar exhortation has already explained the importance of Baijiu among friends.
We often make appointments with our friends under the guise of drinking, just to have a chance to get together with them.

In this war epidemic, we have learned that a happy life is not easy won: it is not the quiet years, but someone who carries the burden and moves forward! We also believe that as long as we don't bow to difficulties, life will always give us a ray of sunshine.
The year 2020, which was plagued by disasters, has finally passed. Baijiu, it is our most enjoyable farewell ceremony for the past year.
We believe that difficulties will always pass, and the new year will always be beautiful.
As in Baijiu, sweet, bitter, hot, bitter and astringent: because there is acid, there is the fragrance of Baijiu; Because of the sweetness, there is the sweetness of Baijiu; Because there is bitterness, there is rich Baijiu; Because there is spicy, there is coordination of Baijiu
Our life is also full of sourness, sweetness, bitterness, spiciness, and bitterness, but every taste of it is also the cornerstone of our progress, allowing us to go further and higher

IV. Baijiu is a yearning for beauty
Baijiu is an expression that we are unwilling to be ordinary and dare to pursue a better life.

Most of the time, when we buy a Baijiu, we look at its personality image, its mellow taste, and its extraordinary soul.
For example, we like Youcheng liquor because of its "simplicity and fashion", its "jade liquid", and even more because of its "combustion and success".
We like its attitude towards life, with extraordinary hearts and distant dreams; Step by step, one can eventually achieve success.
We like it because it not only gives us a long-lasting drinking experience, but also expresses our unwillingness to be ordinary, yearning for a better life, not forgetting our original intention, and persisting in reaching the destination.
This is all the spiritual power Baijiu gives us!


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